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Whether you're a Body Corporate manager, resort manager, child care centre operator or other business owner, or you may even manage the Majestic Theatre in Pomona when you need a professional external cleaner call Sunshine Extreme.

The requirements and demands of our professional clients are many and varied.  We understand business operators may need our services outside of normal business hours, so as not to interrupt their business operations.  Whether you need work done on weekends, or early mornings or even over night, Sunshine Extreme will work with you, whenever possible.  Just ask!

Sunshine Extreme can pressure clean all external surfaces, from driveways and pathways, shop fronts and building entries, to pool areas and playground equipment.

If organising programmed external cleaning is your responsibility call us today.  You may require an annual building wash, or manage a large carpark that needs to be cleaned.

If you operate an al fresco dining area, our hot water pressure cleaning service can do more than the standard cold water service - which can give you peace of mind, as the business owner and give your customers that little extra - a steam cleaned dining area.  

Gum removal.  If you operate a fast food restaurant or service area and have customers leaving gum behind our hot water pressure cleaning can remove all of this.

Mould, mildew, algae, pigeon pooh, gum, grime and blu-tack plus many other types of build-up can all be removed using our professional equipment and the appropriate chemical solutions.

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Majestic Theatre, building wash, external cleaning, Sunshine Extreme, Pomona

Majestic Theatre, Pomona - Before

pressure cleaning

Resort Rock Wall - Before

McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, playground equipment, external cleaning

Fast Food Restaurant Playground

Majestic Theatre, Pomona, building wash, external cleaning, pressure cleaning

Majestic Theatre, Pomona - After

Pressure cleaning, external cleaning

Resort Rock Wall - After