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Have the exterior of your home cleaned by a professional - call Sunshine Extreme. There is no better time to clean the outside of your home than now.

Beachside properties - salt spray removed. Mould, mildew and algae washed away

Why house washing matters


Living by the beach has many advantages,  however our beachside homes and holiday properties need regular maintenance.  One of the best things you can do for your beachside property is to have it regulalry washed down.

Sunshine Extreme specialises in washing salt affected buildings.  We have lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years and in that time have seen what salt spray and sea air can do you your home.

Add to this the effects of our humid, sub-tropical climate and you can understand the need to regularly clean the outside of your home.

Using our biodegradable house wash solution and professional pressure cleaning and soft washing equipment, we remove salt residue, as well as mould, mildew and algae.  Our soft wash is gentle on your paintwork and window frames but inhibits any regrowth.

Whether your budget allows an annual building wash and salt spray removal, or you can have this to be done more often, the investment in your home or holiday property will be protected for longer, with regular external cleaning maintenance.

Pre-paint cleans

The exterior paint on your home or business has to deal with all the extremes of our climate and environment.  Over time, mould and mildew, grime, dust and other things such as salt spray build up on your painted surfaces.

You may be about to re-paint and want this build-up removed first.  If so, we can help.

You may be about to offer your property for sale and want it looking it's best.  Again, we can help.

Or, you may be a professional painter and want the building cleaned prior to having your painters start work - at Sunshine Extreme we have much experience doing exactly this.

Whether you are a professional painter, home owner, investor or business owner Sunshine Extreme can get you home or property ready to be re-painted.  You may even be surprised by how good the paint actually is, once we have professional cleaned and soft washed the building.

Call Sunshine Extreme today, for your obligation free, written quote.

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Mould removal - Before

Prior to the application of our house wash solution, this beachside property was badly in need of professional attention


After the application of our building wash solution and a combination of pressure cleaning and soft washing this beach side home's rendered finish is fresh and clean.  Our mould and mildew inhibitor will keep it looking that way, for longer.