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Cleaning driveways, paths and paving

For many homes and holiday properties your driveway, paths and paving are highly visible to you, your neighbours and visitors.  How clean these surfaces are has a major impact on the visual street appeal of your property.

If your driveway is showing signs it needs cleaning Sunshine Extreme Pressure Cleaning can clean and freshen up you driveway or pathways, in many cases bringing the surfaces back to 'as new'.

This service is remarkably economical, when you consider the investment required to achieve the transformation.

Hot water pressure cleaning

If your driveway, garage floor, workshop floor or commercial premises shows many oil stains, grease and grime, tyre marks, gum, blu-tack or other such 'hard to shift' staining our hot water pressure cleaning may be exactly what you need.

Heating water to over 120 degrees, Celcius oil stains, gum, blu-tack and the like are simply 'steam-cleaned' and melted away.  Our hot water pressure cleaning will do things that standard cold water cannot do.

While there are many pressure cleaning services available, few offer the additional service of hot water pressure cleaning - and the dfference can be amazing.

Call Sunshine Extreme today to discuss this service.

Mould & Mildew inhibitor

At Sunshine Extreme we like to follow up our pressure cleaning of driveways, other concrete, paths, etc with the application of a mould & mildew inhibitor.

While our professional pressure cleaning service will remove almost every spore of mould and mildew, an application of our mould and mildew inhibitor will do exactly as the name suggests - inhibit regrowth of mould and mildew.

This means your driveway, etc will stay looking freshly cleaned, for longer.


Ask us about this service when contacting us about having your driveway or paving cleaned.

Beware of slip hazards

A build up of mould, mildew, algae and moss on your driveways and pathways can mean you are living with a constant slip hazard.  Some of these surfaces are slippery enough when dry, but as soon as it rains they can become extremely dangerous.

Sunshine Extreme can not only improve the visual appearance of your home, but by removing the build up from the surface of your drive and paths these can be safer to walk on, wet or dry!

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Remove mould and mildew

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Cleaning exposed aggregate concrete

Rotary cleaning concrete

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