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Concrete tiled Roofs

Whenever possible, when cleaning concrete tiled roofs we use a rotary washer, for a more even finish and to save on water use.

The rotary washer we use is specially designed to be used on roofs (and differs from the heavy duty rotary washer we use on concrete driveways).  As the picture shows, we achieve a thorough clean and leave no signs of striping or marks.

Terracotta tiled roofs

Cleaning terracotta tiled roofs is generally different to cleaning concrete tiles or Colorbond.  While we use a rotary washer to clean the other roofs, for terracotta tiled roofs we need to use the pressure cleaning wand.  There are a couple of reasons for this.

The surface of a terracotta tile seems to 'hang on' to the mould, mildew and lichen much firmer than the other tyes of roofing, so the rotary cleaner is either less effective or completely ineffective.  

Using the wand takes longer than the rotary washer, but it means we clean each and every tile, as we move across your roof.

Terracotta tiled roofs can be very fragile - especially the older a roof gets.  This also means cleaning this type of roof takes longer as we need to be sure of every step - and even then, we still break tiles, no and again.

The upside is, once cleaned and refreshed, a terracotta tiled roof looks fantastic. 

Colorbond Roofing - Before

This home, on a small acreage block near Noosa had a roof almost purple in colour, purple from mould!

This mould is not only unsightly, but if left for a long period will start to affect the surface of the Colorbond roofing.  And, if as these home owners are, you collect rain water off your roof, your drinking water supply will be healthier without coming in contact with the mould, mildew and other build-up of grime, that can collect on roofs like these.

See the picture below of the roof from the same house, once we had professionally cleaned the roof.

Pressure cleaning gutters and fascias

Roof cleaning, pressure cleaning, colorbond roof, mould removal

Colorbond Roof - after

The previous photo showed the build up of purple mould.  This photo shows the results of our labour!

An off-white Colourbond roof, the entire home now seems brighter because the roof is so clean. 

Now that the shadow of the mould has been removed, the home looks so much cleaner and the owners could not have been happier with the result.

And, a side benefit - their drinking water supply can only be healthier, now that the mould, mildew, lichen and other build-up of grime has been removed.

And, at the completion of a job like this it is not just the home owners who are happy.  We take great pleasure in seeing the finished result, especially when it is as significant an improvement as this.