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Property managers and owners – do you have high windows or windows that are hard to access? 

Would you like these professionally cleaned, with minimum interruption to you, your tenants and guests?

Would you like the OH & S factors relating to the use of ladders and working at heights completely removed?

And what if your windows were also cleaned without the use of chemicals or detergents, cleaned only with 100% pure water?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these questions the Sunshine Extreme Window Cleaning can help you.

Sunshine Extreme use the latest technology, imported from the UK to clean windows up to 4 storeys high from ground level, without using ladders, with outstanding results!

A combination of lightweight, water-fed telescopic poles and 100% pure water, filtered on site, means your windows will be cleaned & thoroughly rinsed leaving no residue. All we’ll leave behind is gleaming windows.

Using our system, windows can often be cleaned in far less time than by conventional methods.  And by not using ladders, there is less risk for all involved.  In short, when you choose Sunshine Extreme to clean your windows we’ll do it safer, in less time, with less interruption to you

To arrange a meeting on site, or to request a free quote and to discuss your window cleaning needs, please call 0405 966 410.  

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Universities, schools, hospitals, airport buildings

By design, universities, schools, hospitals and airport buildings are often vast.  Their grand scale can make them visually impressive.  This same scale can also present challenges when it comes to cleaning the windows and other exterior glass.

At Sunshine Extreme we are always happy to tackle such projects, as it is with these jobs that our system and equipment come into their own.

As facilities managers, property managers and other such building operators know, OH & S is a major consideration at educational campuses, hospitals and other public places - and working at heights brings with it many concerns for you...and for your insurers!

By being able to clean windows and glass four storeys (and more) above ground level, without ladders, without booms and cherry pickers that raft of OH & S concerns is removed - completely!

We still abide by our safety responsibilities but by removing the ladders we remove much of the risk.

High windows, reach and wash, cleaning commercial windows

No ladders needed

Sunshine Extreme Window Cleaning can clean windows up to four storeys high, without the use of ladders.  Apart from the improved safety aspects, our trained window cleaners can often complete this work in less time.

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100% Pure water

At Sunshine Extreme, when we clean the exterior of your windows we use only 100% pure water.  Our equipment filters all of the impurities out of the cleaning water, so after scrubbing the windows we rinse the glass and leave it to dry.

As there are no impurities left in the water your windows dry clear and clean - plus there is that 'Gleam' left on the glass that you get when there are no chemicals or detergents used.