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Graffiti Removal options - which is the best option you should choose?

When it comes to removing graffiti, when it comes to restoring surfaces tagged with graffiti or damaged by graffiti you need to consider the options.

In short, the two most popular options are to paint out the graffiti or to chemically remove it.

Painting out graffiti is particularly cost effective and produces predictable results, when done correctly, on a variety of surfaces.  Whether the graffiti is on your home, on commercial, council or educational premises it i best to consult with an experienced graffiti removal professional, with many years experience - if not, the graffiti you think you have had removed my 'bleed' through any cover you have applied.

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Chemically removing graffiti is often preffered.

If you have brick or other masonary surfaces you want restored, or have a tiled surface the application of highly specialised chemicals may be a quick (or not so quick...), efficient and to effective choice.  Be warned, though - an untrained person, or an inappropriate use of chemicals may end up with more of an issue than you started with.

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How do you know which method to choose?  you may well know, but if you are unsure call us for advice, information and a fixed price, written quote.  we will discuss the options available to you and make recommendations, based on our training and experience.

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Is your graffiti removal specialist insured?


Be sure your technician has Public Liability insurance!

At Sunshine Extreme we want our clients to be sure they are not only choosing a contractor with the appropriate experience and knowledge but we also want to have our bases covered - which is why we have Public Liability insurance cover to $20,000,000.

Whether you are a home owner, a professional property manager or facilites manager or the owner of commercial property, it is important that the people you engage are insured.

Choose a fully insured graffiti removal specialist, call Sunshine Extreme tdirect today on 0405 966 410.   

We'll meet with you to discuss the graffiti removal job at hand and to explain how we can help, safer and more economically.

We look forward to speaking with you.